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Welcome to ATUR TRAFIK

Who are we?

ATUR TRAFIK SDN. BHD is a multi-disciplinary organization newly established in 2008 to offer the highest level of consulting services to all of our clients and projects. Our professionals are actively involved in various traffic and transportation projects in Malaysia especially within the Klang Valley Region.
Our commitment to provide excellence quality services in the field of Traffic and Transportation Modeling, Analysis and Planning for Land Use Master Plan, Traffic Studies, Urban Transportation Studies and Traffic Impact Assessment Studies. Providing expertise in traffic and Revenue Forecast for Privatization (B.O.T) Projects is also one of our major contributions to traffic and transportation related works.
Therefore, we are proud to present a progressive team who has respectively served both the public and private sectors that include the Federal and State Government of Malaysia, Local Government such as Kuala Lumpur City hall (DBKL), private residential developers, concessionaires and contractors.
ATUR TRAFIK SDN. BHD. is registered with the Ministry of Finance under “Kod Bidang” 340201 – Kajian Rangkaian Pengangkutan, and 340202 – Kajian Trafik. We are able to draw expertise covering a wide spectrum of discipline from reputed and experienced foreign consulting firms. With this extensive contact, our firm is capable of enhancing the standard of in house expertise, transfer of technology and updating of latest technology.
Besides, we are able to pool professional services of other local consulting firms and universities in pursuit of satisfactory accomplishment. At present our strength of ten (16) professional and technical staff including civil engineers, highway and traffic engineers and transport and land use planners to spearhead the company success.